Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Thank You is in Order

Well, I promised that Poetic Outlets would be released soon and I meant it. Poetic Outlets will be sold on in a couple of weeks. If you are attending the National Black Book Festival next month, you may see a couple of the books in the Book Announcement Program. Make sure you find out more about the event and whether or not you qualify to receive a copy.

Thank you!!!

Thank you does not express how I truly feel for those who helped me through the process of publishing my second book. It's amazing how the process becomes easier and easier, as it is done numerous times. I would like to thank my editor. She did such a wonderful job with editing my book and providing me with feed back. I look forward in working with her in the future. Thank you to my mother and best friend who listened to me recite poetry over and over again. You both provided me with great insight to what works and what needs improvement. I thank you for your comments, love, and support. Thank you to those who have listened to me discuss Poetic Outlets, my aspirations, and my unwavering devotion to writing. I would also like to thank my supporters who attended my book signings, events, and have been steadfast in their efforts to provide me with encouragement. You are truly appreciated.