Sunday, October 25, 2015

2nd Annual Independent Authors Book Expo

This past Saturday, I participated in the 2nd Annual Independent Authors Book Expo. The event was very well organized. The event coordinator, Renaee Smith, did a great job with developing the event and being very accommodating to the authors. Definitely an event that I would take part in the future. 

At the event, I had an opportunity to discuss my books, perform a poem, network with authors, talk to guests, and read my children's book to the children at the event. The event was a family friendly event, so kids and people of all ages were welcomed. I smiled with joy as I got an opportunity to interact with the kids and adults at the event. It was great being around like individuals who also were determined to make a difference.

A memorable moment at the event was talking to Se'Quince Aikens. Se'Quince was an 18 year old author who was diagnosed with having cerebral palsy. I was moved by this young lady who was very jubilant. I just had to buy two of her books about life being a journey. I am sure my nieces in middle school and high school will enjoy their gift.

Much success to Se'Quince and the other authors at the event. Below, you will find other pictures from the event.

Enjoy! Aaron is a wonderful Illustrator

Thanking this beautiful young woman for purchasing Poetic Outlets

Reading in the children's room

Thanks "Mr. James Brown"

Thanks Linda! Enjoy Dead Wrong

Enjoy All in Together Girls, pretty little girls!