Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quotes from readers about "Dead Wrong"

"I would pay more than the asking price for your book. I know your book is great." -E.Y.

"I let my daughter read my copy of Dead Wrong and she couldn't keep her face out of the book. It only took her 2 days to complete the book. She loved it." -Daisy P.

"By the way, I just finished reading your book last week. I was impressed with your writing and you definitely have talent. You were able to describe things in detail, where the reader could visualize everything that was going on in the book. This was a very good first book. Keep it up. Keep writing and growing in your craft. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you. Take care." - Kellie G.

"Sis, I absolutely loved your book. Congratulations." - Kendel B.

"I read your book in one day. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it."- Cheryl S.

"I enjoyed reading your book. It had a great message at the end." - Jerry F.

"The writing within the book is very influential, which amazed me. I didn't know your writing was so powerful." - Issa K.

"Wow. I knew you were gifted in the many awesome things that you said and did. I am really floored. You really know how to make a dream, reality. I am proud beyond words for you. Wishing you the best of everything life has to offer one. You are well on your way. I can hardly wait for your book of poetry. May god continue to bless and keep you." -Lois H.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetic Outlets


It's finally that time. It's time for me to release another book. I'm really excited about this project because many people have inquired about me releasing a book of poetry. I have received a lot of positive comments from individuals residing in California, Washington D.C., Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, and right here in Ohio. When my avid readers and listerns tell me something needs to be done and it has presented itself time and time again, I listen. I am listening to your words and preparing to release my first book of poetry called "Poetic Outlets." The book will include poems that I had written a few years ago and others that were written a few months ago. You will all witness the transition in my writing, as I grow as a writer. It was interesting viewing my previous works because I had to decide between those poems that were absolutely horrible and those that still spoke sweet truths to my soul. I truly hope that my writing can speak to you in the same manner that it spoke to me when I wrote it. Feel free to stay up-to-date by visiting my page at MelicaNiccole. The site will give you information on my social networks and much more.