Monday, January 16, 2012

From Pretty Women Wonder

These are the lyrics

That my heroines speak

From Daniel’s “knock, knock

To the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Listen to all these lyrical skills

I listen so intently

Because these lyricists

Expose my mind to the multitude of mental satisfaction

That some have attempted to achieve

But failed considerably at what others perceive

If I could

I would wrap my body in the essence of Erykah’s verbally influenced mind

Permanently implant the vocals of Lauryn Hill’s song When It Hurts So Bad in my earlobe

Breathe in the passion of Maya’s beautifully written poem about pretty women

I would answer Daniel’s knock, knock

And tell him not to fear

Because truth and justice

Is finally here

Like Jill Scott

I have to live my life like it’s golden

Because one life I’m permitted

And like in poker

I’m not folding

Thank you spoken truths

That flow so graciously

Out of the mouths of my teachers

Teach me

To be me

Teach me

To live life

And be




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