Monday, December 30, 2013

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Return of Roomie Lover Friends

Well guys, if you are a Roomie Lover Friends addict just as I am, then you will be happy to know that the show is returning on 12/13/13. I am sure my sister will be happy to know that after I helped get her addicted to the show, it's coming back for her viewing pleasure. If by some chance she does not remember, I will definitely have to remind her. What I want to know from all you fans, are you #Team Tamiko, Jay, Austin, or Cherise?






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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Roomie Lover Friends

What can I say about these episodes? They are just way too funny. I am sure stuff like this happens in real life. Support Issa Rae "Ackward Black Girl" and Black and Sexy TV.

Season 2, Episode  5

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The "How Men Become Dogs" Series

So lately, I have become very engaged in watching "Ackward Black Girl." In watching this web series, I came across "How Men Become Dogs." My questions to you are: Have you seen these series? Do you agree with the methodology of it all? Do you think that this type of thought is acceptable?

In the beginning of these series, I could see how the men in these situations could have temporarily changed their characters for the worst. These men had women calling them punks, disrespecting them, and just stepping all over their manhood.

Episode 1


After watching a few series, I started to think about everything and put it into another perspective. While the beginning of the series told the story of men being hurt by women, the middle portion displayed men changing their character to find true happiness.

Episode 9


Do I ever agree with people changing their character to get the girl or guy that they want? Definitely not. After spending a day engulfed in these series, my mind became wrapped around the fact of people allowing others to impact their lives in a negative way. The reason I say this is because sometimes we allow people to permanently alter our character and change who we were raised to be or intended to be. We allow their negative comments, as seen in the episodes above (Men don't pack picnic baskets) to tell us who we think we should be.

My suggestion to you is not to "Aim low and reap what is at the bottom of the barrel." Always strive to "Aim high" to reach the top or fall somewhere in between. So what I am really saying is that if you meet someone who does not accept you for who you are, keep looking. Life is funny in the way that sometimes people are brought into our lives to teach us a valuable lesson. They prepare us for the things we will receive in the future. These preparations may come in the form of bad relationships, disloyalty, and corruption. We as people have to see these situations as opportunities to grow further and become the best us. Are you ready to become the best you?

~Don't lose yourself tying to fit into what people want you to be.