Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The New Face of Disabilities: Kashinda Marche (The Triump in Me)

At 7PM, I had a Twitter Party with Kashinda Marche. Kashinda represents #TheNewFaceofDisabilities by having a disability and noting fitting the mold of what people think a person with a disability looks like. The New Face of Disabilities is about educating people about those who have a developmental, physical, or anything else that is recognized as having a disability. Kashinda displayed motivation, inspiration, and a sense of going after her dreams. Read information below to find out more about her.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tools in Building and Sustaining a Community

A video that calls for you to inspire, build, support, encourage, and educate others. You have the power to help others succeed, so why not use it? 

Music provided by Movavi Video Suite.

Once Upon An All in Together Girls Time

All in Together Girls is a children's book that displays and discusses two cousins who play a childhood jump rope game. The cousins take you on a journey to family, friends, and fun. This books allows children to learn the names of each month and experience the activities and weather associated with those months. Shay and Jaye will have you ready to take out your Double Dutch rope and sing with them in their journey down memory lane.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Triumph in Me (Twitter Party)

Twitter Party with Kashinda Marche
Author of The Triumph in Me
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Join Kashinda Marche, The New Face of Disabilities, for her #Twitterparty in December. Tweet me at@MelicaNiccole to join the #twitterparty on #educating people about you, your #disability, and your abilities. #willingandable #NewJersey #NewYork #Maryland #Ohio #Georgia #DC #autism #OCD #CerebralPalsy #Learning #ED #CD

Monday, November 7, 2016

The New Face of Disabilities Twitter Party

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Diversify Us

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My fourteenth book, Diversify Us, was released on 11/5/16. The book is about Alese Morrison, who is a fifth grade student at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey. Alese and her fellow classmates were tasked with a very tedious homework assignment to get their minds going. Some of them were up for the challenge, while the others relished in procrastinating. 

This homework assignment would open up discussions for debate, create open dialogue, and show various perspectives on life. Diversify Us allows youth to think and talk about diversity in various environments. It allows them to look at it at school, home, work, and in the communities where they reside. Diversity is a very big topic and is sometimes, which people narrow to one of two things. The objective of this book is to broaden the views of diversity and what it means to other people. 

This book will give youth the opportunity to look at diversity in genders, race, socioeconomic status, states, and much more. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

13 Authored Books and Counting...

October 12, 2016 will mark the day that my 13th book will be released and available for purchase. I am ecstatic to say that all of my books have been published in less than seven years. I published my very first book, Dead Wrong, in 2010. After that, I continued to publish at least 1-2 books a year. Although in 2013, I failed to release new books, I made up for it in 2014 and 2015. My ultimate plan is to continue to publish other projects, which I have started and yet to be released, which includes about five other projects. In 2017, I will release another children's book and a book on diversity. Below, will see all of my current books and information about each. 

Dead Wrong- Romantic Thriller
Dead Wrong is about a young woman name Tasha Marie Smith. Tasha's life takes a 180 degree turn down the wrong direction because of a man named Jacob. Jacob was everything she yearned for; educated, well-groomed, confident, financially set, didn't have any kids, and he was single. What more did she need? He was everything she thought she needed. He exemplified success and she wouldn't stop until she achieved success also. What she didn't know was that sometimes success comes with a high price and his price was everlasting. 

Poetic Outlets- Poetry
Poetic Outlets is a book of poetry that discusses depression, society, love, and attributes of a woman. Melica Niccole shows her ability in writing that readers will easily relate to many of her poems or they have a relational tie to someone that can. It can honestly be said that Poetic Outlets has a bit of everything in it that draws you deeper and deeper into the author's thought process. Witness Melica Niccole's transition as a writer, which is seen from the beginning to the end of the book.

My Poetic Soul Unleashed- Poetry

My Poetic Soul Unleashed is Melica Niccole’s second book of poetry. Melica felt that it was time that she unleashed her soul in the form of poetic words and allow people to witness her talented aura on paper. So many times in life, people tend to see the things that are on the surface without digging beneath the exterior and revealing a diamond in the rough. It’s time to stop recovering items from the surface and start digging for more than the obvious.
All in Together Girls- Children's
All in Together Girls is a children's book that displays and discusses two cousins who play a childhood jump rope game. The cousins take you on a journey to family, friends, and fun. This books allows children to learn the names of each month and experience the activities and weather associated with those months. Shay and Jaye will have you ready to take out your Double Dutch rope and sing with them in their journey down memory lane.

Journey to the Truth- Poetry and Prose
The Journey to the truth is about searching for the truth by questioning common things, researching information, standing alone, formulating your own thoughts, and refraining from the common activity of "group think." It's time to free your minds and allow truth to have a constant resting place to call home.

The New Face of Disabilities- Self Help
The face of those with a disability is ever changing, making it more and more challenging to determine who has a disability and who does not. Wouldn't it be a perfect world if everyone was equipped with the right tools to assist those with a disability? Well, why not try to make it an almost perfect world? Melica Niccole provides you with effective strategies in with individuals with disabilities.

Jacob: In the Mind of a Mad Man- Romantic Thiller (Sequel to Dead Wrong)
 Jacob: In the Mind of a Mad Man is the sequel to Dead Wrong. The book is about the thought process of a mentally unstable individual who could snap at any given moment and he only has one thing to blame; love. How will his love interest respond to his unwarranted advances? What happened in Dead Wrong to make Jacob flip the script? The only way to understand him is to think like him. Now, let’s go deep inside the mind of a mad man.

The Book of Quotes- Quotes
 Book of Quotes is a book of inspiration that helps people stay positive, keep their focus, and be honest with themselves. There are six different sections, which focus on motivation, understanding, inner strength, transformation, love, and positive thinking.

Sisters of the Shield- Friendship and Sisterhood
Sisters of the Shield is a book about being in a sisterhood and all the things that occur when they try to hang with the bruhs, stroll with the best, and protect their reps. Makela Johnson, a sophomore at Carlton State University in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, returns on the yard to get the full experience of belonging to The Sisters of the Shield. The sisters are known for being the baddest divas to run the yard with precision, grace, and style. They are sexy, smart, and have that hands-off rarity that makes men want them even more. 
Mount Vernon Avenue- Creative Non-fiction
 Mount Vernon Avenue is a book about a historical area in Columbus, Ohio called Mount Vernon Avenue. This book details the personal accounts of individuals who had the opportunity to visit the area and what they recall from their many visits there. These individuals range from the ages o 30 to 99 years of age. The information they divulge includes music, The Cameo, parades, Woolworth stores, meeting Robert Kennedy, and tutoring session. The book coincides with some of what part artist, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinsons, displayed in her artwork. Her artwork gracd the Columbus Metropolitan Library in downtown Columbus, Columbus Museum of Art, and other places in the city. This literary work brings to life her artwork in the form of words with explanations of the people, culture, and different activities that took place there.

PJ's World- Children's
PJ’s World is a children’s book about family, adventures, and fun. . Interesting as his adventures are, he also talks Hip-Hop with his cousin, drives a train as a conductor, and becomes a dancer in the dance studio of Debbie Allen. The only way that all these things could happen to one little boy is in PJ’s World. Come and explore with him and be a part of all the adventures.

Naturals: The Paper People- Children's
The Naturals are paper people who live inside books, called “Naturals.” They come alive every so often to interact with people in the world and help them make decisions or learn new things. Their goal is to make the world a better place through love, education, helpful gestures, and unity.

Intimate Lies- Relationships
Intimate Lies is about the lies people tell in relationships in order to make their lives a little less complicated. These people often believe that others are unable to handle the truth and they base past relationships on how they deal with future relationships. This book is dedicated to helping people identify intimate lies and the liars who tell them. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

I Miss You- Poem

I miss you 
And I really don't even know you 
My spirit wants to vibe 
And flow with you 
Free style together 
And go toe to toe with you 
Travel to a distant land 
And cuddle with you 
I just want to hold you 
Our bodies come together 
And create a mold of you
Singing Back to life 
Soul II Soul with you 
Bump and Grind 
R. Kelly with you 
Ain't no mountain high 
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell with you 
I want to fly with you 
Giggle and act shy with you 
Laugh a thousand laughs with you 
Sit on the porch and.... reminisce 
But, I guess I'm infatuated 
Vastly gaited 
Emotions precipitated 
So let me slow it down and say... 
How's your day... 
You good... 
Good bye

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Children's Book Festival

The Children's Book Festival is almost here. 

We have been working very diligently to get authorssponsors, and illustrators to join in on all the fun. Authors who will be in attendance: Sudha Ramaswami, Author Renaee Perrier-Smith, Aisha Toombs, Davon Clark, Angelica Rodriguez, Nicole Denise Smith, Vanessa Santiago-Jerman, Se'Quince Aiken, Felicia Capers, Nichole Murray Nunes, and Rashonda Jones Aiken. Sponsors and/or partners include Central Michigan University, Otterbein University, Volunteers of America (Delaware Valley), TERK Loving, Leslie M. Jasper, City of Camden, Grapevine Development, Butterfly Dreamz, Niran Davies, Parkside Learning Garden, and Haddon Avenue Business Association. 

 Join us in two week!

California Dreaming

For a while now, I have been California Dreaming as if I was a backup singer in Mamas And The Papas famous song "California Dreaming." The funny part was that I had never visited California, but felt in my heart I knew how it would be. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit an old college roomie in LA with two other college buddies.

This experience was amazing. Our trip was very eventful from spending time on the beach taking selfies, getting stuck in rush hour, going to the California African-American Museum, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Staples Center, Hollywood, Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Grove, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Warner Brothers Studios, and then back to Jersey.

Check out what we did below:

Selfie Time

Beach Life

Stuck in traffic

Brother Malcolm 

George Clinton

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 

The Staples Center



Hollywood sign from afar

Old college buddies

Love me some Matt Damon

Michael changed the game for real.

Love me some Denzel too!

Water flow at The Grove

Sprinkles Cupcakes anyone?

Warner Brothers Studios- #WBTourHollywood

Donald Duck- #WBTourHollywood

Bugs Bunny- #WBTourHollywood

Almost time- #WBTourHollywood

Gotham City- #WBTourHollywood

Gotham City- #WBTourHollywood

DC Universe: The Exhibit 

Ellen, where you at girl? -#WBTourHollywood

Catwoman suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer- #WBTourHollywood

Batman car when Michael Keaton was the caped crusader - #WBTourHollywood

Storyboard for Matrix- #WBTourHollywood

Looney Tunes- #WBTourHollywood

Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain- #WBTourHollywood

Beautiful Memories- #WBTourHollywood

Back to Jersey 

Just incase you would like to California Dream too! Here's a song for you by Mamas and The Paps "California Dreaming."

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Still Under Construction

As I got back into my workout regimen today, I was in my feelings about all the things that had taken place lately. I needed an outlet, so I decided to write this poem.
Shattered windows. Shattered dreams. Ulterior motives it seems. Pieces of him. Pieces see of me. It’s just too bad the blind are the first to . Legacies undone. A man gone before the sun. Set on his life. Fatherless kids gloom amongst the ranks. Souls torn for they have witnessed the Shawshank before the redemption. It’s sad because some may never get this. The past remain the present with heavily coated makeup. Covering up all the blemishes. Showing the beautiful exterior when it the interior that is “Still under construction.” Keep out and skull bones signs show there is imminent danger, but how can one know when the package has been adorned to protect?
Picture above found at: http://clipartpng.com/?580,under-construction-sign-png-clipart