Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lava Filled Capsule

So just under an hour ago, I sat here thinking about love. See love has always been here, but not always reciprocated at its highest ability by those I dated or those I cared for. In the past, I was always seen as the one who recognized my love for another first, whether it was a relationship or a friendship. You can say that this is also a present concern; however I will not say concern because I was made this way for a reason. I was made to love. Built to share my true feelings for those around. Placed on this planet to radiate the love in my bones that is bound to seep through my lips and to attach to the earlobe of the one I love. So friends, family, and loved ones, this is my, "Lava Filled Capsule."

Passion and love burns inside of me
For a love and caress that is only known by me
Recognize it
To a T
If I must
With a sweet hint of trust
My body aches
For the one who is like I
Emotions on the table
And nose open wide
These emotions hold tight
To this lava filled capsule
This is not a test
A public service announcement
But something that is factual
I say with great emotion
My heart has been set for devotion
This path I will not stray
Because love will be here
Any day 

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