Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let's Welcome Carma; New All in Together Girl

Check out Carma who is now officially an All in Together Girl. She loved the book and was super excited to receive the specialized letter that came with the book. Check back later as Illustrator +Zora Nelson draws a picture of Carma.

You and your child can be an All in Together Girl too! 
Message us how?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Words From Lady Calla Formation

Hey ladies and gentlemen "Now let's get in formation."

Spring formation.

Hope you all have been doing well this glorious Spring.

Yes! I know. Spring already?

It definitely is Spring.

In it being Spring, we know how that goes; exercise, dieting, events, and fun.

I hope you all stay healthy, have fun, and enjoy your friends and family.

Check back in the future from more words from Lady Calla Formation

Saturday, March 19, 2016

TBAP's Easter Fiesta: Rich Swingle's Reel: 1-man Plays

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rich Swingle via Miranda's To Be A Person Easter Fiesta Facebook page. Rich is an actor who has been acting for over 20 years. He does 1-man plays and for about 20 years, only relies on income coming from the performing arts.

I wish Rich continued success in his endeavors and thank him for being a part of this wonderful event for us to learn more about him.

Seasons of Humility: Chat with Your Favorite Authors During This Easter...

Seasons of Humility: Chat with Your Favorite Authors During This Easter...: Are you on Facebook? Then gather up your burning questions for writers, actors, and other artists you admire, because my dear friend Mir...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

TBAP's Easter Fiesta

Have you heard? Miranda's To Be A Person Easter Fiest is here: Below is the roster for the fiesta. The link to TBAP’s page is: Facebook. Hope to chat with you on 3/21/16 via Facebook. Come, stop by, ask questions, and see how I can help you help yourself. The event starts at 2 PM Pacific Time and 5 PM Eastern Time. 

Easter Fiesta
March 17th/2:00-3:00pm Pacific Time – Julie Lessman, Cheryl McKay, Rene Gutteridge
March 18th/2:00-3:00pm PT – DiAnn Mills, Michelle Griep
March 19th/3:00-4:00pm PT – Rich Swingle, Kirk Fernwood
March 20th/2:00-3:00pm PT – K. Victoria Chase, Brenda Anderson
March 21st/2:00-3:00pm PT – Heather Manning, Melica Niccole
March 22nd/2:00-3:00pm PT – Bill Ewing, Doc Benson
March 24th/5:00-6:00pm PT – Rebekah Cook, Katie Pavao
March 25th/2:00-3:00pm PT – Jody Thomae, Juli Tapken, Stacey Bradshaw
March 26th/2:00-3:00pm PT – Francine Locke, Bronwyn Angley, Apolonia Davalos
March 27th/7:00-8:00pm PT – Irene Santiago, Sharon Wilharm