Monday, September 29, 2014

Why Do People...

Why do people lie?
Bellowing out layers of fallacies
That would not have been said better
Than the serpent that lead Adam and Eve to their demise
Their slimy scales
Slicker than their gliding tongues
Which has no remorse for the false truths that follows it
Do these deceitful creatures know not what their eyes tell?
What their voice construes?
What their lies unfolds?
Deceit is selfish
Deceit is loveless

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Love Lost

Love lost
Being tossed
One hand
One fist
Heavier than a kiss
Quick reaction
Hurt emotions
Long term sentences
The town has spoken
Ridicule for things unknown
Music blares a disheartening song
Tried without the court and jury
This is many man’s fury
Banished from the spotlight
Which society gave him
The beast society created
Now wishes to tame him
We created you
So now we can take you apart
Life as it is and has been
Is this the end of the beginning?

Or the beginning of the end?

In the Midst of the Morning Dew

I want to be lost if you forever
Return to my past being, never
This love of ours, together we tether
Any storm, any type of weather
Our union is real, not pleather
Our love I don’t want to sever
To infinity and beyond, we go to together
Just love and wish upon a feather