Thursday, August 21, 2014

Position as Commander-in-Chief

Things change in the matter of moments
What would you do if you were faced with certain challenges that could change the whole dynamics of your organization, company, and even the world?
Could you confidently state you would know the right thing to do?
Sometimes people sit so upright in the scorner’s seat of judgment that they fail to see the role they play within society’s misconceptions of life.
Would these ridiculers make the same trivial mistakes in the decision making process
Or would their decision be what is best for the country
Making decisions and analyzing decisions are two very different accounts
One has the ability of affecting the whole world
The other is just supposed to be an evaluation of the pros and cons of the decision
We all know that analyzing decisions are often biased
With no real reliable data to go off of
And tends to steam from hate and emotionally charged words
As American people
We must know that all decisions are not the best decisions
We live, learn, and move on from our current state of mind
To keep this country going
It’s the only way
It’s the American way
So I say all of this to say
I give respect and patience to my Commander-in-Chief
For I know his job has not been easy
For I hear the blames being tossed his way
Even when he has nothing to do with the accusations
Stay strong

And keep going

Thursday, August 14, 2014

When Forever Ends Tomorrow

Sometimes forever ends tomorrow
Leaving no permanent casualties
Only hurt feelings
And temporary states of mind
Forever is sometimes spoken
As to mean until the end of time
Or the end of our life time
We as people know
That our forever is sometimes overshadowed
By beautiful spoken soliloquies
With no partakers of this relational truce
Our forever ends unequivocally
Giving rise to a whole new meaning of forever
I say
Live forever with as much enthusiasm as possible
Because forever could one day
Be true to its inception

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Relationships 101

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By no means are relationships easy. There can be many changes with relationships, such as: Communication, time, sharing, money, and much more. All relationships are different. Can you remember the first and last person you were in a relationship with? I want you to think about what went well in each relationship and what did not go so well. If you are currently in a relationship, I want you to compare and contrast your current relationship with your last relationship. We are continuously growing and developing our relationships with each other, each day. Gaps in between relationships allow us to analyze the role we played in the break up or make up of the relationship.

To be honest, some people jump head first into a relationship not always evaluating the ramifications of certain actions. Jumping head first can be ok as long as the other person you are jumping for is also jumping. People are not always on the same wave length when it comes to relationships unless a discussion takes place regarding what is expected. At times people’s expectations of the relationship can lead to total chaos because of expecting too much or expecting too little. What I suggest to you is that you talk with your significant other about what is expected so you know what and what not to expect.

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Make sure you are making fun a priority with your significant other. Relationships are about having fun, living in the moment, and experiencing new things. You have to make sure your mind is open to receive new information and also give information. In my eyes, the learning part is always the best part of the relationship because it’s like being blind and feeling your way around the world until things start making sense. Continue making sense of things by having fun.

Giving your all is good, but make sure you are not the only one doing it. When I think about giving and relationships, I think about couples implementing the give-and-take method rather than the take-and-take or give-and-give method. People have to feel as though they are a valuable part of the relationship and not that the relationship is built on what someone else can do for a person or what a person can do for another person. They want to have the same amount of control in the relationship because it is about two people, not just one person.

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A good question you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to do things for your significant other that you are not willing to do for yourself? You should ask yourself this question before it even becomes a topic and know the answer because believe me, you will be faced with this issue. I remember when I was in school to get my masters, I was dating this young man who I really cared for. I truly loved him and would do (Almost) anything to make sure he was happy. Well, everything except devalue my character, get into financial ruin, or do anything cruel and demeaning. One night, my significant other was suffering from a toothache. Me being the person that I was, stayed up all night rubbing the side of his face to make sure he felt better. The interesting part about this situation was when I needed something such as a back rub from working three jobs or just a nice relaxing bath ran, my significant other refused to assist me. “Ain’t that about nothing.” Where are people at when you really need them? His actions allowed me to start taking a thorough evaluation of the situation and start putting my needs sometimes before other people's. Of course there are going to be situations in which you will have to put another person first; however if people have yet to put you first in your relationship, why should you continue to put them first? 

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My last tidbit of information is regarding relationships and money. Most of us know that money can be the very reason why people fight and break up. My motto is “I am not willing to do something for someone else that I would not very well willing to do for myself.” This is in regards to taking out a financial loan, co-signing for a car, or any other unruly thing that a person may ask you to do. I am all for empowering others to make good financial decisions to increase their profit and know exactly where their money is going. This could be through the use of a budget, financial consultant, and other methods to increase a person’s financial literacy. People should be open to assisting others with a $50 or $100 loan every now and then; however when it comes to depleting your emergency fund or placing you in a situation that could have a negative impact on your finances, you may want to think twice. It’s definitely ok to help others. You just have to make sure you are in a position to help others because you may actually be the person who needs assistance. To be quite honest, I did not always think this way. I was the one who would go to a check cashing place to take out a loan for others. Well, that was until one day I took out the loan and the person did not pay me back when he was supposed to do so. I was already having financial issues of my own, so I could not pay the loan back myself. His $100 loan cost me more than he actually paid me back for the loan. When he did repay me, I was just so happy to receive the money back that I did not ask for any additional money for the charges of not returning the loan back on time. From that point on I developed the lovely motto that you see above. It was only right for me to protect myself because if I did not protect myself then who would?

~Remember to live life for yourself and not through the eyes of other people. Your love will blossom, endure, and transform.