Monday, April 28, 2014

I Profess...

I sit here
Wondering how your words
That were supposed to be instructional expression
Turned into furiously fueled energy at the expense of me
I was always taught to talk my problems out
Take the bull by the horn
And let the negative verbiage dissipate
Your emotional state
Took the content of the matter
To a whole other level
We are just constants
In this cycle of never-ending conflict

I profess to want more 


Monday, April 21, 2014

How Deep?

I’m deep
Deeper than the coast
Deeper than people at a pig roast
Deeper than Swat
Deeper than those who have and have not

I’m deep
Deeper than deep
Deeper than Outkast’s song Deep
Deeper than those who say “I’m deep up in these streets”
Deeper than the knowledge that speckles the teeth of the meek

I’m deep
Deep like the inability to wake you from your sleep type of deep
Deeper than the “southern trees baring strange food” dialect deep
Deeper than Method Man’s “Love Jones for your body and your skin tone” deep

I’m deep
Deeper than Malcolm’s faith in the Honorable Eljiah deep
Deeper than Huey P. Newton’s knowledge of his second amendment deep
Deeper than the March on Washington and Bloody Sunday deep

I’m deeper than spoken word spewing from the mouths of the poetic
While pulling people deep into the knowledge
That was once lost
But now is found

Reveal in me
The deepness that sparks the passionate souls
Of those with abashed characters
Those who need enlightenment

I say
I’m deep
Come be deep
With me

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Beautiful, expressive words
Flowing gracefully from the mouths of contenders
Spewing romantic novellas
Retaliating from casualties
Words to bruise a battered soul
Fine like wine
No damsel in distress
It's poetry
To all she gives her best

Sunday, April 6, 2014

National Poetry Month: April

National Poetry Month

April marks National Poetry Month. As a poet, I felt that I needed to contribute by writing a poem each week. My plan is to write one poem each week and post it on here. Poets, I challenge you to participate in poetry events this month by writing, reading, inspiring, tweeting, and continuing your progression in life with poetry in mind. Let us continue to show he world what poetry is all about.

Here's my first poem:

What’s In Your cup?

I taste smooth
Perfectly combined flavors
That dances with my taste buds
In a calm, yet minty way

The taste brings forth images
Of beautiful green pastures
Of lemongrass lawns
With hammocks dangling from invisible cords

I taste the sunshine
Lemony flavor
Mixed with spearmint
I taste Zen

Unsung, But Work Highly Recognized

Cooley High (1975) Poster
Picture from IMDB
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching an amazing movie that I watched in my childhood; Cooley High. What a magnificent movie? In watching the movie there are so many lessons that can be learned. Personally, I learned about the effects of skipping school and wanting to have fun. In others watching the movie, they could have learned about staying motivated and not giving up on their dreams. My personal belief is that school or continued education provides a way for us to enlighten ourselves, which would assist in us accomplishing our dreams.

Today, TVOne showed Cooley High on UnSung (Hollywood). I was excited to learn more about the characters and the writer, Eric Monte. Interesting things I gained from the show was that the people on set were like family, the guys who played “gangstas” were real, and Eric took his family with him to Hollywood. The unfortunate part that I found out about was that Eric was not paid his fair share for writing the movie (Imagine that) and that other great shows were developed from Cooley or using the writer’s suggestions, such as: The Jefferson’s, What’s Happening, Good Times, and Sanford andSon. Eric sued ABC and CBS for “Stealing his ideas for Good Times, The Jeffersons, and What’s Happening.”

Eric is now said (TVOne) to live in Colorado.

~Best wishes to Eric and his further endeavors 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye Ohio. Hello New Jersey!

Well, it's official!

Last month, I went from being a resident of The great Buckeye State to the promising Garden State in a matter of eight hours. That was approximately how long it took me to travel from Ohio to New Jersey. What some look at s big drastic change, I look at as a change for better opportunities. It is time for me to continue pushing toward my dream of becoming a great writer and experience things unbeknownst to a little southern gal from Columbus, Ohio. Ohio definitely assisted with my growth and development as a writer. Now its time to perfect my craft in New Jersey and see if I have what it takes to soar like a bird.

Farewell sweet Ohio. Until we meet again. I will be in living life to the fullest in New Jesey.