Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Future

Are you ready for the future? Well if not, you definitely want to get prepared because the future will be here before you know it. What this means for families is that we have to start preparing our youth at a very young age to start taking their place within society. Start having those conversations with them about what they want to be when they grow up. The best age to start doing this is at 2 years old and above. These small individuals may not know exactly what they want to be; however with your help, they can make dreams turn into reality.

Ask yourself this question:

Have I helped prepare my child (ren), nieces, or nephews for success? Have I helped prepare someone to be the next Mae C. Jemison or Richard Wright? Or have I helped prepare someone to be a nurse or fire fighter?

~Get your preparation on today!

Are You Living in Expectations?

Are you currently living in expectations? Do you help people with the expectation that the people you help will do the same for you? If you are living life like this, then you may be in a world of hurt when you take a poll of those willing to assist you when needed. I for one use to be the go-to-person for others. I thought that if I helped people, these very same people would help me when the time came. Boy was I wrong. When I needed help the most, I saw these people the least. These individuals I considered friends did a disappearing act and pretended as if they did not hear my cry. How could they not hear my cry? The cry for help that bellowed inside of me, yelling "Please, please set me free."

They did not hear my cry because their own thoughts overpowered my words. Truly, how could I be mad at something that had not been written in stone? See, I wasn't Moses and these were not my commandments. Although my expectations did not get satisfied, I did learn a valuable lesson. The lesson I learned was that I should not expect things from others that was not instilled in them to do. I also learned that I should live expectation free and do things because I want to and not because I expect something.

Do you struggle with living expectation free? Follow these simple steps in how to expect less.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Poetic Outlets

Poetic Outlets is a book of poetry that discusses depression, society, love, and attributes of a woman. It can honestly be said that this book has a bit of everything in it that draws you deeper and deeper into the author's thought process.

My Poetic Soul Unleashed

My Poetic Soul Unleashed is an extension of Poetic Outlets and ­the ­journey taken by Melica to reveal what lies underneath. In ­revealing what lies underneath, one has to be aware of the body, its functions, and what makes people feel the way that they do. My Poetic Soul Unleashed is about the immediate ­reactions to situations and the long deliberation of relations. It's also about mind ­boggling questions and the statements that keep you guessing. It's life and ­allowing ­Melica to ­unleash her soul in the form of poetic words on paper. So many times in life, people tend to see the things that are on the surface without ­digging ­beneath the exterior and revealing a diamond in the rough. It's time to stop recovering items from the surface and start digging for more than the obvious. Start digging for the truth.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who's Who in Black Columbus

Happy to have celebrated such a wonderful event with such great people. I was truly honored to be among other great professionals listed in this year's edition.

Released 7/15/2013

I am featured in the Professionals Section

Check it out!

UniverSoul Circus

We had so much fun at the circus this past Sunday. Check us out!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Meaning of my Name

Melica Niccole, the name of a strong willed and hardworking queen who is a person of victory.  It is instilled in me to be sweet, dedicated, and a person who believes in being the best.  The seed has been planted and tended to so diligently, that even the smallest seed sparkles in the darkest night.  I thank my mother for seeing the light in my garden and the strength in my soul that she so named me Melica Niccole.

Melica is Greek, Arabic, Polish, Italian, and Latin.  It means bee, honey, plant, queen, a strong willed and hardworking woman.  It is a very uncommon name for individuals in the USA. 

Niccole is Greek, French, Dutch, and English.  It means people of victory.  It is a very common name for first and last names.