Monday, January 14, 2013

Tips in Getting Media Coverage

Webinars held on the second Tuesday of Each month
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Presenters: Lisa Arlege Powell; Media Source, Brian Linda Mood; Director of Dispatch Magazine, and Mark Williams; Veteran Business Reporter

·         Think like a reporter
·         Know deadlines
·         Know what you want
·         Understand changing media
·         Definition of a good story has not changed
·         “New” may be a means for a good story
o   Include in title
·         Things to think about
o   How to make something new
o   Make people care
o   Put a face to the product
·         Pitch to your customer
·         Prepare an elevator speech
·         Offer visuals
·         Getting media coverage is all about forming relations
·         Follow tweets and facebook info from reporters, companies, etc.
o   Appreciate work in tweets, facebook, etc.
·         Better to contact reporters or media individuals in the mornings or afternoons
·         Don’t be afraid to pick up the telephone, as a opposed to sending an email
·         Reporters are more prone to cover stories that are trending
·         Show well-rounded campaign
·         Send a mass email
·         Send information to media sources that do not deal with subject matter
Important Information
·         In sending an email
·         Introduce yourself
·         1 paragraph (what is the story about?)
·         Paste press release below
·         Pitch
o   Make sure it is appropriate for subject matter
o   Make unique and specific
·         Look for seasonal stories
o   Reporters tend to prepare these stories 6 to 9 months in advance
·         If reporter tells you to contact them in the next day or two, be responsive
·         Director/reporter may be open to meeting with you.  Send them a note to meet and talk
·         Contacting media outlets
·          Use current reporter’s name
·         Personalize email/note

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lava Filled Capsule

So just under an hour ago, I sat here thinking about love. See love has always been here, but not always reciprocated at its highest ability by those I dated or those I cared for. In the past, I was always seen as the one who recognized my love for another first, whether it was a relationship or a friendship. You can say that this is also a present concern; however I will not say concern because I was made this way for a reason. I was made to love. Built to share my true feelings for those around. Placed on this planet to radiate the love in my bones that is bound to seep through my lips and to attach to the earlobe of the one I love. So friends, family, and loved ones, this is my, "Lava Filled Capsule."

Passion and love burns inside of me
For a love and caress that is only known by me
Recognize it
To a T
If I must
With a sweet hint of trust
My body aches
For the one who is like I
Emotions on the table
And nose open wide
These emotions hold tight
To this lava filled capsule
This is not a test
A public service announcement
But something that is factual
I say with great emotion
My heart has been set for devotion
This path I will not stray
Because love will be here
Any day 

The Dream Team

Picture taken by Kiyah Whaley

Right now, I know you are wondering what is the Dream Team and who are the members of it? Well, I’m here to tell you that the dream team is a group of individuals who strive toward making dreams come true. We are individuals who will not let a dream die just because someone tried to steal our dreams from us by saying we were incapable of making them come true. Have you ever had someone tell you that you could not do something? Or maybe the person did not come out and say it; however you could read the words in their eyes and expressions. I am here to tell you that you hold the power to making all dreams come true. You and only you know what you are able to do and take on.

Recently, I was asked by a close acquaintance if there was anything that I could not do. This individual asked this because she was impressed with all of the things I was a part of. I responded by saying that I do not want to say that I cannot do something because I believe I can anything I set my mind to with practice and patience. A large portion of being on the dream team is being able to self-motivate yourself. You have to push yourself even when others are not. You also have to know when its time to take a break, so you can re-energize yourself and come back with the same passion you had before. 

~Are you a part of the Dream Team?

+Takiyah Baltimore Nelson +OppsPlace +Iyanla Vanzant +Nita Bee