Sunday, April 22, 2012

Act Like a Lady!

Who remembers this poem from my second book, Poetic Outlets?  My facebook friends may also remember this poem from one of my notes a few years ago.  Well, I thought it was only right to bring it back out since the Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man Movie came out.  Enjoy the poem and make sure you go and see the movie.  It is hilarious!

Act Like a Lady

You tell me to...

Walk like a lady
Talk like a lady
Take my legs and cross like a lady

Eat like a lady

Sleep like a lady
Make a poem to be like a lady

But your words have focused on my visual commitments
to exemplify I’m a woman

You tell me to be a woman

but when my emotions and tenderness show I’m a woman

You ignore the very thing that makes my heart bleed

 You ignore my voice of expression

Because my emotions are something you don’t need

You make me feel as though I have exaggerated the feelings I carry deep inside
But maybe you have underestimated the feelings you try to hide

Why can’t you make up your mind?

Because if I don’t show these feelings
Then I’m considered heartless

A useless human being who sits dazed by this world and its

 If you knew how to be a woman,

Then why are you still amazed at the acts of women these days?

I can’t put women into a category because women aren’t all the same

I mean

We all are considered women

But we’re not all the same

We don’t dress the same
Speak the same

Enter love or friendships the same

We don’t cook the same
Smell the same

We’re not the same

 So next time you start your proclamation with

“Why do women...”

You may want to rephrase your statement

To “why do women I date, come in contact with, or like

Do these certain things?”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

International Urban Book Festival in May

My first question I would like to ask you is, "are attending the International Urban Book Festival in May?"  I hope your answer is yes!  This festival will allow you to network with authors, promote your books, and encourage others.  Last year, I attended a similar event in Michigan.  I was excited because I met other authors, made new contacts, and I had the opportunity to spend time with my niece.  This year, I plan to bring the same excitement with me to Cleveland that I brought to Michigan.  The event will probably feel a little more special than last year because my birthday occurs on Saturday, May 12th.  I would love for you to spend the 12th with me as I take on a new journey, which reads "mile marker 30."  That's right guys!  I'm entering the 30 and over club.  I'm looking forward to new experiences, great conversations, and a new approach to things.  Share this joy with me on the 11th, 12th, and 13th.  

Hope to see you there!