Monday, November 26, 2012

I dwell in Possibility Too!

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I dwell in Possibility Too! is in response to Emily Dickinson's "I dwell in Possibility"

You dwell in Possibility?
Well, I do Too!
Our thoughts somewhat similar
Who really knew? 

You dwell in Possibility
A fairer House than Prose
I dwell in Creativity
Embodied by a Red, White, and Blue rose 

Your chambers made of Cedar
With an everlasting roof
My chambers made of silk linens
With imaginations of fun, friends, and little dog woofs 

Your hands spread wide
To gather Paradise
Paradise is within me
As well as love, sweet, and a pinch of nice

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Owning Your Attitude

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Own your attitude?” Did you immediately understand the statement or did you need a better explanation? “Own your attitude,” means learning to control how you feel and react to certain situations. The task can be very challenging at first; however once you understand how to do it, it will come natural to you.
I remember beginning my transition of, “Owning my attitude,” at a very young age; I was in elementary school and probably around 10 or 11 years old. I started the process by thinking and reacting differently than some of my peers. I even thought and reacted differently than some of the adults I had encountered. When this occurs, some people may voice their opinions about you being weird or of a different caliber, but different is not always bad. Different can be good because it allows you to process information differently, be independent of your own thoughts, and not feel as though you have to accept what everyone else is saying or doing. I owned my attitude by not allowing people’s judgment of me to be the final verdict. People are going to say and do things to try and get you to react or deter you from progressing toward your purpose. It's ok to react to their actions; just try not to react in a negative manner. Use their negative energy to benefit you. Show them that their negativity has helped to further propel you toward success.  
~Be the person you want to be by, “Owning your attitude.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What You Don't Want to Know

What You Don’t Want to Know…
It’s hard for you to understand
What you don’t want to understand
Hard for you to know
What you don’t want to know
Blinders are placed around your eyes
Because it’s much easier than seeing the world for what it really is
Your protective bubble
Has been placed on a pedestal
And placed out of reach from society
When in reality, you’re the same 
You’re the same as the
Complaining mother
Who just wants the best for her child
You’re the same as the
Underappreciated worker
Who just wants his due diligence
You’re the same as the adamant teacher
Who believes that every child
Has a special gift inside of them
The only difference between you, us, and them
Is that some of us have already recognized our similaries to each other
While others continue to play the blame game
And disparage the characters of those who we think are unlike us
I challenge us to look deeper than the race of the person sitting next to us
Deeper than the religion that sparks many feuds
Deeper than the sex and sexuality of a co-worker
Deeper than the candid ignorance that refuses to
Dissipate and turn into a beautiful swan
I embrace the rejected duckling
For I know the swan lies within
Beautiful thoughts
Flow from my mind
And attacks my lips
Take me
And do as you may
As long as you keep ill will
And harm
From all of my days

He Lives...

Does He have to strip you of everything in order for you to understand that it is by His will that all things will occur; all things that are great, small, relevant, and irrelevant? Whether you know Him as Lord, Yahweh, Allah, or another name, He has great powers. I believe that He is whatever you need Him to be in order for you to believe in Him. He comes in many shapes, sizes, and dwells in various environments. God walks with us when needed and He helps you see life’s many lessons. It is our responsibility to interpret Him and His will correctly because we will be deceived to believe otherwise.

Let me ask you a few questions, which have the power of making you think differently about many situations. Have you ever been approached by a homeless man or a woman? Did he or she ask you for some money? Did you give it to him or her? If not, would your action change if you found out the person asking you for money was God? This example is not to imply that your current actions are wrong, it is just to help you think with an open mind. In the past, I have talked to friends and family members about this same situation. Some have stated that they would not give the money to the homeless person in the first initial contact with the person. They preferred to make sure their money was not being used for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other illegal substances. My question to you is can we really set those certain guidelines with people and ensure our money is being used for its intended purpose? Probably not; however we try, don’t we? Whenever I give to others, the accountability of what they choose to do with the money leaves my hand and goes straight to theirs’ when they accept my offering. I choose not to get preoccupied with what my money is being used for because the responsibility of its use has shifted to a new owner; the receiver.
Let’s look at another example. Have you ever had a tough decision you needed to make and was not sure exactly what to do about it? Then you went to work and your co-worker mentioned something dealing with your question in a very casual discussion about something else? Was this by chance? Probably not. We tend to have many questions and tough decisions in life that are not always answered in the manner we would like them to be answered. Or are they? Maybe the answer is not as straight forward as we would like it to be and we have to wait for the answer though various signs. You know the statement about, “Sometimes you meet people without even looking for them.” Well, the same can be said when God answers our questions and prayers; sometimes our questions and prayers are answered without us constantly contemplating on the matter. Maybe the present is not the right moment to answer our question or what we have prayed for is not in His plan for us. Have you ever thought, “Have I missed the answer he sent me?” Sometimes we want to plan and set certain courses for our lives that are outside of His plan that we miss His answer because we are too busy looking for our own. While planning and acting is great in some aspects of our life, other aspects have to be cultivated like in a garden because the earth has to be ripe enough to receive the crop. In other words, you have to wait until He is ready to answer you and make a decision.
~Words to the wise: Keep the faith and know that He lives, loves, and often presents you with life’s lessons; Learn to stop repeating the things that are keeping you from your fullest potential because He believes in you, just as I do; and know that some time in life, even your favorite singer or NBA star was faced with lessons that helped or hurt them.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Joys of Growing Older

About a month ago, I was given a task by an acquiantance to write a poem about growning older. In the individual having experience in the subject, I decided to take on the task with some of her examples. So, I dedicate this Poem to Pat.
The Joys of Growing Older

The aches
The pains

The drippings down the shirt

Oh, how I thought getting older would not hurt so much

 The memory loss

The can’t remember where I parked

The thoughts of being treated like child

Oh, now my mind is really running wild

It seems like my mouth

Gets further from my hands

Because my coordinated target

Is not where the substance is bound to land

I remember like it was yesterday

The playful games we used to play

Now if I played those games in the same way

I would have aches and pains all day

I love this joy

Coming over me

My hearings diminishing

And so is my sight to see

If I could say one word

That describes the Joy in me

I would say older

Now that describes me