Friday, February 24, 2012

All in Together Girls

All in Together Girls is a children’s book that displays and discusses two cousins who play a childhood jump rope game.  The cousins take you on a journey to the steps necessary in competing in a  Double Dutch Tournament.  This book allows children to learn the names of each month and experience the activities and weather associated with those months.  Shay and Jaye will have you ready to take out your double Dutch rope, laugh, and sing with them in their journey down memory lane.  This story will have you jumping with excitement, laughing with anticipation, and encouraging others to break out their jump rope.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I read my horoscope in Columbus Alive today. My horoscope (Taurus) read: 

             Have you ever gazed into the eyes of goats? If you have, you know
             that their pupils are rectangular when dilated. This quirk allows them
             to have a field of vision that extends as far as 340 degrees, as
             opposed to humans’ puny 160-210 degrees. They can also see better at
             night than we can. Goats are your power animal in the coming week,
             Taurus. Metaphorically speaking, you will have an excellent chance to
             expand your breadth and depth of vision. Do you have any blind spots
             that need to be illuminated? Now’s the time to make that happen.

In the Goat being my power animal for the coming week. My first thoughts were: what are some interesting facts about goats? What is the purpose of a Goat? And how will the animal be representing me in the next coming week? In researching this information, I found that goats and sheep “were among the earliest domesticated animals. Goat remains have been found at archaeological sites in western Asia, such as Jericho, Choga, Mami, Djeitun and Cayonu, which allows domestication of the goats to be dated at between 6000 to 7000 B.C.” This information obtained from Breeds of Livestock also stated that “goats can easily revert to feral or wild condition given a chance.” This means that goats have the ability to change their behavior and attitude if the situation calls for it; however they can easily revert back to their original state. Goats are generally used for “meat, milk, leather, pelts for rugs and robes, and clothing.” Smallstock in Development also revealed that “goats have an ability to survive under harsh conditions.”

How will the Goat represent me in the coming week?  As my horoscope stated, Goats have an ability to see in the dark, which helped me to link darkness with the Dark Ages. During the dark ages, knowledge was lost. This was a time when a lot of things were not written down. I linked the Goat’s ability to see better at night with their ability to reveal or see things others may have a hard time in seeing. Recently, I was told by a friend that I was very wise for my age. She stated that individuals my age are usually into going out, shopping, and having fun. She stated that she could see something in me that was different from other people my age. This spark of light she seen in me was also revealed in her. I recognize her as a light bearer of knowledge, which is often seen by other light bearers.

How will I expand my breadth and depth of vision? Breadth represents the things that I will take in and exhale from my body. This deals with nutrition, happiness, stress, and many of life’s situations. I will deal with everything the best way that I know how. The only way to deal with new situations or conflict is by experiencing it and learning from positive and negative experiences. The word vision represents to see or to illuminate something. My vision will include me working toward increasing my skill in understanding people and bringing light to many detrimental situations. It is my passion to write in such a way that others will be able to grasp all of the concepts written on the page. I will divulge who I am, which in terms will reveal other like or aspiring souls.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remembering Whitney

As a child, I grew up listening to all types of music.  My mother's 8-track/record player blared out the smooth sounds of Luther Vandross, while my sister's radio played the sweet sounds of Soul II Soul.  I, a Millennial or Gen Y child, learned to appreciate the various musical talents of those who sang so beautifully on my mother and sister's sound systems.  Some of these artists included greats such as Michael JacksonTeddy Pendegrass, and of course Whitney Houston.  There was something about Whitney's voice that entered into my spirit so easily.  It was as if a piece of me was missing that I did not realize until she sang her beautiful songs.  Though I was not at the age in which I could relate to the songs on a personal level, I knew that something inside of me wanted to understand the feelings involved in those songs.  I wanted someone to run to and love me.  I wanted to feel The Greatest Love of All because I was the future.  I wanted someone to always love.  I wanted to feel just as Whitney did as she creatively exposed her talents to catchy rhythmic tunes.

Whitney, thank you so much for giving us a piece of you.  We all know that life comes with many temptations; therefore we refrain from judging you on life's lessons that we may or may not have had the privilege of understanding.  Judging others is the easy part.  The hard part is accepting people for their downfall and moving forward in helping them overcome their situation.  We love you and will miss your lovely voice.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poetic Outlets and Dead Wrong

Get your very own copies of Poetic Outlets and Dead Wrong today.  Poetic Outlets, will take you on an emotional rollercoster and poetically enter your spirit, which will definitely release emotions that have longed to be set free. You will hear and feel the presence of my soul, as I take you on a journey to unwavering passion and commitment.  Dead Wrong is about a young lady who falls in love for all the wrong reasons. She will soon come to grips with her decision of love with the threat of death being held over her head for it. The main character fantasizes about loves, socializes with friends, and flirts with death.

Poetic Outlets is also available on Kindle!