Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meet Me at Half of Pi

Meet me at half of Pi
That’s 1.57079632679
Square units from our starting point
It’s half of a moon
Half of the distance that it takes
For my eyes to encounter yours
Half of the time spent letting true love find me
When all I had to do was meet true love half way
If only Pi would have meant more to me
When I was a Geometry test taker
With no real equation to apply
The rationale of it all
Now I sit here
Carefully examining the equation
D = 2r
Which, if calculated correctly
Displays the midpoint between you and I
If this circle that I speak so highly of
Was reshaped with precision and care
It would morph into something so beautiful
That all those like it could see
a heart
I say with such truth and conviction
Meet me at half of pi
And every day that I breathe this glorious air

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