Friday, January 16, 2015

Did Previous Presidents Help Fund Terrorism?

Lately, I have really been thinking about the lower prices at the pump and whether or not past presidents or congress' policies helped fund terrorism. This all stems from President's Barack Obama's plan to retaliate against Isis. Every since he started the retaliation efforts and airstrikes, it seems that prices have been improving at the pumps for the better. In understanding this information, I made an hypothesis that previous presidents or congress helped fund terrorism.

In previous presidents and congress helping to fund terrorism, prices at the pump increased drastically. This increase set it up for government to reap some of the profits and the terrorist groups who were in charge of dispensing the oil/petroleum. With these funds, terrorist groups were able to organize its self outside of its original country and set up smaller terrorist groups.

Now with the United States and other countries combating terrorism, it seems that prices at the pump are lowering. I remember when I was 16 years old and first started to drive. The price of gas around that time was about $1.06. As time went by and before President Obama's presidency, I saw gas prices as high as $4. We were definitely in a state of crisis. Since he's taken office, gas has definitely been a little lower, but only recently decreased with the "War on terror" strategy. I have now seen gas prices as low as $1.79. This is why I believe previous presidents and or congress helped fund terrorism.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Soul Color

Soul's color is Green: 
Green souls are naturally determined and awakened. As a green soul, you are gifted at doing things that can change you and the world around you for the better. You have amazing ideas in your head that can make a huge difference in your community or the world at large. People truly look up to you. The road has always been paved for you to make the most meaningful impact you can make. Changing the world is in your DNA, and you'll undoubtedly do it in your lifetime!