Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tools in Building and Sustaining a Community

A video that calls for you to inspire, build, support, encourage, and educate others. You have the power to help others succeed, so why not use it? 

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Once Upon An All in Together Girls Time

All in Together Girls is a children's book that displays and discusses two cousins who play a childhood jump rope game. The cousins take you on a journey to family, friends, and fun. This books allows children to learn the names of each month and experience the activities and weather associated with those months. Shay and Jaye will have you ready to take out your Double Dutch rope and sing with them in their journey down memory lane.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Triumph in Me (Twitter Party)

Twitter Party with Kashinda Marche
Author of The Triumph in Me
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Join Kashinda Marche, The New Face of Disabilities, for her #Twitterparty in December. Tweet me at@MelicaNiccole to join the #twitterparty on #educating people about you, your #disability, and your abilities. #willingandable #NewJersey #NewYork #Maryland #Ohio #Georgia #DC #autism #OCD #CerebralPalsy #Learning #ED #CD

Monday, November 7, 2016

The New Face of Disabilities Twitter Party

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Diversify Us

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My fourteenth book, Diversify Us, was released on 11/5/16. The book is about Alese Morrison, who is a fifth grade student at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey. Alese and her fellow classmates were tasked with a very tedious homework assignment to get their minds going. Some of them were up for the challenge, while the others relished in procrastinating. 

This homework assignment would open up discussions for debate, create open dialogue, and show various perspectives on life. Diversify Us allows youth to think and talk about diversity in various environments. It allows them to look at it at school, home, work, and in the communities where they reside. Diversity is a very big topic and is sometimes, which people narrow to one of two things. The objective of this book is to broaden the views of diversity and what it means to other people. 

This book will give youth the opportunity to look at diversity in genders, race, socioeconomic status, states, and much more.