Saturday, June 27, 2015

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Straight off the press. Ready for you to digest. Read with an open mind. No longer will your third eye be blind.

New edition of ME! Newsletter. Welcoming our new writer, Deven Williams. So impressed with this young man who expressed his interest in writing for this and future editions. He really took to his article about Invisible Shackles to a whole new level. Educating folks about the many disparities faced by African-Americans. Congrats Devin on an article well done. My other writer T. Ayan Nelson​ also did a wonderful job in writing about reparations. She focused on both sides of the story and provided great links for people to make their own conclusion. They both did a great job!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thankful for being able to write 10 books from 2010 - 2015. I am so grateful for the numerous people who supported by efforts by attending books signitngs, buying books, liking my posts, and by just being positive support agents. It is individuals like you who I write for.

All of the books to my left are books I have written. You will find a bit of everything here, such as: Friendships, working with people with disabilities, poetry, romance, thrillers, children books, and quotes. You can say I have written things for every type of person, no matter what they are going through. Children can enjoy this material, as well as collegiate students, working professionals, thought invoked individuals, poetic beings, and those who like a little drama with a whole lot of thriller. Feel free to get a copy of the first 9 on

My 10th book was submitted to Columbus Creative Cooperative for the "Best of Ohio Short Stories to possibly be included in the anthology. Let's pray that my book is chosen.

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Sisters of the Shield

This is it. The book that will keep you chanting at the plot, embracing the sisterhood, and trying to figure out who's really the baddest divas to grace Calton State University. 

Sisters of the Shield is a book about being in a sisterhood and all the things that occur when they try to hang with the bruhs, stroll with the best, and protect their reps. Makela Johnson, a sophomore at CSU in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, returns on the yard to get the full experience of belonging to The Sisters of the Shield. The sisters are known for being the baddest divas to run the yard with precision, grace, and style. Well, that's what they think. They are sexy, smart, and have that hands-off rarity that makes men want them even more. 

Can the sisters keep their men, keep the other sisterhoods in check, while winning the stroll and stepping competitions? Find out by reading this new novel on Book cover being updated soon. 

Book designed by Joshua Jadon