Saturday, September 3, 2016

Children's Book Festival

The Children's Book Festival is almost here. 

We have been working very diligently to get authorssponsors, and illustrators to join in on all the fun. Authors who will be in attendance: Sudha Ramaswami, Author Renaee Perrier-Smith, Aisha Toombs, Davon Clark, Angelica Rodriguez, Nicole Denise Smith, Vanessa Santiago-Jerman, Se'Quince Aiken, Felicia Capers, Nichole Murray Nunes, and Rashonda Jones Aiken. Sponsors and/or partners include Central Michigan University, Otterbein University, Volunteers of America (Delaware Valley), TERK Loving, Leslie M. Jasper, City of Camden, Grapevine Development, Butterfly Dreamz, Niran Davies, Parkside Learning Garden, and Haddon Avenue Business Association. 

 Join us in two week!

California Dreaming

For a while now, I have been California Dreaming as if I was a backup singer in Mamas And The Papas famous song "California Dreaming." The funny part was that I had never visited California, but felt in my heart I knew how it would be. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit an old college roomie in LA with two other college buddies.

This experience was amazing. Our trip was very eventful from spending time on the beach taking selfies, getting stuck in rush hour, going to the California African-American Museum, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Staples Center, Hollywood, Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Grove, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Warner Brothers Studios, and then back to Jersey.

Check out what we did below:

Selfie Time

Beach Life

Stuck in traffic

Brother Malcolm 

George Clinton

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 

The Staples Center



Hollywood sign from afar

Old college buddies

Love me some Matt Damon

Michael changed the game for real.

Love me some Denzel too!

Water flow at The Grove

Sprinkles Cupcakes anyone?

Warner Brothers Studios- #WBTourHollywood

Donald Duck- #WBTourHollywood

Bugs Bunny- #WBTourHollywood

Almost time- #WBTourHollywood

Gotham City- #WBTourHollywood

Gotham City- #WBTourHollywood

DC Universe: The Exhibit 

Ellen, where you at girl? -#WBTourHollywood

Catwoman suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer- #WBTourHollywood

Batman car when Michael Keaton was the caped crusader - #WBTourHollywood

Storyboard for Matrix- #WBTourHollywood

Looney Tunes- #WBTourHollywood

Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain- #WBTourHollywood

Beautiful Memories- #WBTourHollywood

Back to Jersey 

Just incase you would like to California Dream too! Here's a song for you by Mamas and The Paps "California Dreaming."