Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love Expectations: Speaking from Experience

To love...
In the beginning
In the beginning of relationships, we as women and men have to acknowledge that we sometimes expect too much. Sometimes our expectations get in the way of true happiness. Our expectations have the ability of blinding us from what truly lies in front of us. I for one want to let down my guard and allow true happiness to knock at my front door and fill my house with love. That’s right folks. I said “Love.” Tell me this, what type of life would we live without someone to love, someone to hold, and someone who we could be ourselves around and he or she appreciate this? We are in a state of denial if we think that this type of stuff does not matter. Love matters.

My previous expectations:
In being inexperienced with love in my mid-twenties, I expected too much from love. I expected love to be honest and considerate, open doors, have no or one kid, be monogamous, only make me smile, and be available anytime I needed it. Some of my expectations were good things to expect; however the others were way out of line. The truth of the matter is that love could not live up to my expectations because love was not built to abide by a set of rules. A few years ago, I had a conversation with one of my male acquaintances about dating and love. He told me that he was going to aim low when dating because the females at his college expected too much from him. He stated that these young women at his school wanted him to buy them things, take then out to dinner, and spend money on them that he did not have. This young man stated that if he aimed lower, maybe he could find a female who did not expect so much from him. In taking in the information that I had just received, I could believe what I was being told. I am definitely not saying that all females are this way; however I could definitely relate to what he was stating. 

What I have learned though living:
Love taught me so much over the years. One thing I have learned is that what I expect from love is not always what I am going to get from love. I am definitely not in control over love and how it should work. I vowed to live my life “As is” and let love show me the direction it will take me.

To the person who showed me how to let my guard down: Thanks love!   

~Have you checked-in your expectations today?

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