Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Children's Book Festival 2016

Interested in attending the first Children’s Book Festival in 2016 sponsored by ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC? This event will be held at a library in the Camden County Library System (Ferry Avenue Branch Library) and Parkside Learning Garden (Haddon Avenue).

Registration for authors, illustrators, and sponsors started in November 2015. You have until May 31, 2016 to register as an author or sponsor. We are looking for 7 more authors to participate in the event, three of which will be featured authors. As a featured author, you would get a table, name badge, publicity on various social media websites, membership into the Social Exchange Group, information featured on a whole page of the ad/program booklet, included in newsletters for each company, and an opportunity to read your book to the children.

Sponsors should contact ADC Kid or Melica Niccole for more information. Please see flyer to the left for contact information

Saturday, January 2, 2016

He said...

He said he loves me
And I asked him
do you love me or are you in love me?
Because there's a difference
He said... In
Because my mind stays on you all day
And like McDonalds you could have it your way
I put you before me because I see me in you
Our hearts became one
But use to be two
Our spirits attached at the word go
Your body is the only thing that can feel my flow
A day without you is like a day with no air
Finding you years ago was something truly rare
My mind believed the words streaming from his lips
At the sweet kisses attached to my soul
And the way he took his sips
This question
revealed truth