Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He Is...

Sometimes in life

I feel trapped in a place

Where society has yet to uncover

Trampling over my spirit

Which shines so bright

Although dark clouds have tried to overshadow

My sunny days

Sitting in the place of solitude

Waiting for the spirit of a like incumbent

Bringing forth the dreams of a fruitful meeting

And the anticipation of heavily enriched knowledge

That travels out of his lips

And attaches to my psyche

Watching his passionate soul

Continue to push through the heartache and pain

Because he’s set on making it to the mountaintop

By trying

And giving life his all

Courage is what he pushes forward

While expelling honesty from his body

And admirably wearing the badge of commitment

On his chest

He knows his past

Lives in his present

While continuously planning for the future

Proud of his heritage

And stays true to heart

He is love!